About Us

My name's Brandon and I started Anime Portraits with my friend Andy.  We were both watching Attack on Titan together cuddling on my couch when Andy brought up an idea that I soon became obsessed with.  He said "I wish I was a big fat titan.  Then I could be able to do anything I want."  It was in this moment that I knew what I had to do.  I spent the entire night sketching researching, preparing, and designing until I had finally created Andy as a titan. 

The next day I shared it with him and he loved it.  Andy thought about how many weebs have wanted to see themselves come to life within the world of Naruto, One Piece, and countless other Animes.  He suggested we recruit a team of artists and and create portraits as a gift so that thousands of other weebs across the world could experience what it felt like to see this dream become a reality.

Today, we have a team of over 20 artists from across the world who help make all your weeb dreams come true!  Thank you so much for your support.