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Important Information!

How to Start Your Order

1. Select the number of characters (includes babies and pets)
2. Choose the background
  • "None" will be a white/transparent background
  • "Standard" we will choose a great background for you
  • "Custom" you choose a background of your choice
3. Describe details pertaining to your portrait
  • INCLUDE ANIME THEME! Add any notes for our artist to follow (describe clothing, background, eye color, hair, poses) PLEASE be as specific as possible
4. Upload your image(s)
  • Please include reference photos if you are adding anime characters or if you want to look like specific characters

Please provide us with as much information as possible in your drawing notes to help our artists get your illustration perfect. Any details not specified will be assumed by our artists and any changes to the final illustration which were not included in your original drawing notes may result in additional charges.



You will receive the JPG/PNG anime portrait within your email inbox so be sure to leave your email when checking out!

An option to add a canvas portrait will be offered after you upload a photo and click the add to cart button.
5. Please check your SPAM Folder for Digital Orders and Confirmations

How long does it take?

Our team of artists work as fast as they can but sometimes we are very busy, we aim to get your hand-drawn portrait out to you for revisions within 5-12 days and once we get the revision request back we should have the final version done 2-5 days after that for a total of 7-17 days. *WE MAY EXPERIENCE DELAYS BECAUSE THE HOLIDAYS AND COVID*
Due to Holiday delays canvases may take up to 14 days to arrive from when your final draft acceptance email is sent to us. (international can be 14 - 21 days longer)

Do pets and babies count as an extra person? Do extra anime characters count as an extra person

Yes, all extra living entities count as a person. We can include any anime character with you but mark them down as an extra person. If you have further questions contact us at

What if I am not happy with my portrait?

Our artists are incredibly talented and always do an amazing job, however, sometimes working from a photo we miss the essence of the person and and that is why we send over a version for revision requests. If you are still unsatisfied after the revision we are happy to work through the artwork with you!

What can I have as my background

If you select "none" you will receive a transparent background with your portrait. We have standard background presets for every theme but if you want a custom background let us know and we can try our best to make it happen!

Can I incorporate poses into the artwork?

It helps if you can send in a reference photo of the pose you want but yes we can incorporate any pose into the artwork.
Printed in US with love, artworks are designed and emailed out within within 7 – 14 business days (in regular seasons) or more depends on holiday seasons. After you approve your final draft or if you do not reply within 3 business days to us emailing you the artwork, your order will be approved and finalized. Canvas orders will be put into the shipping process. YOUR ORDER IS SHIPPED WE CAN NOT DO REVISIONS. Standard shipping/transit times apply (10-14 days for domestic and 14-30 days for international).


  • In case you order more than one canvas, they will be shipped separately each with tracking number to ensure safe delivery. Shipping costs are provided at checkout depending on the item.
For more details about our shipping rates, please visit HERE.
We can be reached via email at or via social media. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns and we will be happy to assist you.
  • Instagram: animeportraitshop
  • Tiktok: animeportraitshop
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